5 Tips on Getting Published to Grow Your Business

In our Tips for Wedding Success blog post, SharedInk customer Tracy Kreck stated that it is easier to grow her business by getting published than it is to pay expensive advertising costs. Another SharedInk customer, Caroline Tien-Spalding from Sphynge Photography, was published 31 times last year using services from Two Bright Lights, a company that makes it easy for photographers to submit content to hundreds of blogs and magazines.

We’re excited to share this guest blog post from Shalyn Hockey from Two Bright Lights.

The photography market has surely changed in the last few years. 40% of couples now find one or more of their suppliers through a blog or website editorial feature. This means that getting featured is a crucial part of growing a photography business.  In the past few years there has also been an exponential growth in blog, e-zine and magazines, so  it’s no wonder that photographers who get published earn 73% more on average than photographers who don’t.

But the submission process can often feel daunting.  Here are 5 tips and tricks that will help get your submission get published in a jiffy:

  1. Do your homework.   Publications are all unique so time spent researching is well worth it. When you decide on a potential publication make sure your submission fits their editorial style and meets all of their consideration requirements.
  2. Details, Details, Details! Blogs and magazines’ goal is to inspire their readers. That means they want to showcase the details – the flowers, the venue, the jewelry, the invitations, etc. They do love beautiful shots of your clients and their friends and family, but keep those to just a few of your best and fill the rest of the submission with detail shots.
  3. Provide context. Include a short story of the day to help place your beautiful images in context. Write a paragraph or two about the special details, about what it was like to photograph the event, and include any extra information you have about what made the day special. These details will help them tell a story to their readers. The more help you can give editors the more likely they are to feature your work!
  4. Add all of the vendors. Editors of course want to credit you for your awesome work, but they also want to credit everyone else who made the day fantastic. So make sure to add all of the vendors and include their website and contact details. The vendors will greatly appreciate the publicity and they will be more likely to refer you to their clients.
  5. Use a company like Two Bright Lights. Two Bright Lights makes the whole submission process simple. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get published. With Two Bright Lights, photographers have access to a streamlined submission process. Photographers simply upload an album, add vendors and information, and select from hundreds of blogs and magazines for submission. Resubmitting is as easy as picking a new editor and clicking “submit”.  Two Bright Lights also comes with a plethora of tools and resources that help photographers succeed, including free guides on what editors look for, webinars on how to create successful submissions, and marketing tips on how to make the most of published features.

Take advantage Two Bright Lights’ free 30 day trial and start using these tips help catapult your business! Visit twobrightlights.com for more information and to get started submitting your work today.