Bashing the Page Barrier

We don’t like to limit the creativity or capability of our customers. Unlike some competitors, we’ve never asked you to add pages in certain multiples. In the past however, we have had some limitation with our book thickness Our standard stitch binding technique can handle a stack of pages up to about 0.6″ (15 mm) thick, which equates to 72 pages of our heavy cover weight papers and 220 pages of our lighter text weight papers. While this is usually more than plenty for guest books, wedding albums, and most other projects, sometimes it’s not enough.

Our text weight paper is not a lightweight paper, so most customers find no issue switching from cover weight paper to 100# text weight (150 gsm) paper when they want standard, magazine style, binding.

However, some customers found they wanted to use our layflat papers on books with more than 72 pages.  Since we were getting requests for layflat books with 80 to 120 pages, and we hate saying “no” to customers, our bindery craftsman came up with an awesome solution that allows our customers to make layflat books with over 100 pages.

This technique allows us to make layflat books with 130 or more.

A typical 42 page wedding album with layflat paper.


A proof book with large images with 150 pages of 100# text (150 gsm). This book would hold 900 image proofs. With custom binding this book could hold 2,000 or more images.


A custom bound book with 130 pages of 110# cover (300 gsm) layflat paper.


Contact SharedInk customer service to learn about pricing and how to place an order for extra page books.