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Jeffrey Love – Creative Director

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Jeffrey Love
Integrated Creative Director
I came to SharedInk for my project five years ago because I wanted to show my work in a more refined creative way than just a portfolio case. My first SharedInk book, a leather keepsake book, with 44 pages, helped me land 3 really stand out jobs. When I decided to update my portfolio book, I wanted something even more impressive that conveyed the concept within the first three pages. My obsession is for big, integrated thinking with a direct interactive bent. 

I designed a 64 page 16”x12” Keepsake XL Metal Cover book. The large size and brushed silver cover really shines and makes the statement I was looking for.

I chose layflat pages because I like the cleanness of the layouts on a flat page and some of the spreads needed to have a bleed over. It really helped show the work.

Everyone that sees my book understands that this is something special and that I mean business.  Not only does it look fantastic, but it is a very professional way to convey one’s work of art. The way I see it, the product is the most interactive experience a buyer will ever have with a brand. For me, that’s where the fun is.

This updated portfolio book was so effective in showing my work I used it to land my new creative director job in southern California.

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While he doesn’t consider himself a traditional ad guy, Jeffrey Love has plenty of background in traditional advertising. His past employment at such businesses as Adair Greene ATL, Great Scott Advertising NYC, and Ogilvy & Mather NYC has provided Love with knowledge on how to be a successful creative manager. Today Jeffrey Love is an Integrated Creative Director whose award-winning campaigns range from communication companies like AT&T/ Cingular to car companies such as Lexus and Toyota Tundra.

Jeffrey’s book really showcases his diverse graphic arts talent. Looking through the book you can tell that Jeffrey has worked on a wide range of impressive projects and that his talents range from printed page layout, packaging, trade show displays and Internet based interactive design.

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