Engagement Sessions Up 66%

a wedding guest book is a good use for engagement session photos

Are you up selling engagement sessions when you book a wedding? Your competitors are. According to TheWeddingReport.com:

  • 53% of photographers booked engagement sessions in 2011
  • Engagement session bookings are up 66% over 2009
  • 70% of photographers offer engagement sessions as part of their wedding package

If you’re not part of the 70% you are not maximizing your wedding revenues and you’re likely loosing clients. Why? Engagement shoots are becoming very popular, and the bride may move on to a different photographer before calling if she doesn’t see an engagement session in your packages.

We hear over and over again from our customers that:

“Guest books sell engagement sessions,
and engagement sessions sell guest books.”

Show a guest book along with wedding and parent albums to your initial meeting with your client. An engagement shoot that may not have even been on your client’s radar may suddenly become a necessity!

A guest book is an elegant way to preserve the insights and advice from your client’s wedding guests that they will be able to cherish for years to come. A studio sample can make it really easy to add on an engagement shoot when booking a wedding.

  • SharedInk supplies an archival pen with every guest book we ship. We also include a paper swatch so you or the bride can test your own pen.
  • Guest books are a great marketing opportunity for your studio. Be sure to brand the book so the guests know it’s your work.
  • Layflat pages work great for guest books. No more signing into the gutter!
  • Matte and felt paper are less prone to smear than gloss, pearl and lustre papers.
  • SharedInk provides a 33% discount on all studio samples you order.

For the entire month of April and into early May we are offering a 50% discount on all guest book studio samples! This is a hefty increase over our normal 33% studio sample discount.

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