Guest Signature Books

Another perfect application of a SharedInk book is as a guest signature book. Guest signature books are a perfect way to capture memories from weddings, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs and other important events. By offering a SharedInk guest signature book to your client, you’ll be providing a lasting keepsake that your customer will cherish (and gladly pay for!).

The Keepsake 11×8.25 book size is the most common book we make for guest books. Most guest books have 20 to 30 pages.

Number of Pages

  • In an 11×8 landscape book with an average of 40% photo coverage you would probably get about 5 signatures per page, or 10 per spread. Since not every guest signs, often only one person per couple, you could figure one page for every 10 guests.
  • There’s a couple of things you can do to reduce the chance of having a lot of blank pages after the event.
    • Put one or two images in the middle of a page with 2″ borders all around or above and below the photo. Guests will sign in the border if the space is needed, otherwise it’s a pleasing design.
    • Have a lot of spreads with white backgrounds, and mix in some with very light full bleed images, maybe 25% opacity on the layer.

Paper Considerations

  • Most customers prefer layflat pages so guests don’t have to write on the curved part of the page as it goes into the binding.
  • Use matte or felt/watercolor pages to reduce the chance of smears. These paper types absorb ink much better than gloss papers.
  • Choosing a good pen is just as important, if not MORE important than choosing a paper. After spending an afternoon writing, smearing, pressing pages together, and generally making a mess, our favorite pen is the Staedtler Lumocolor 313-9 pen. It writes smoothly, leaves a good amount of ink without smearing, and has archival-quality ink that will outlast those writing with it. Luckily for you, we include the pen as well as a sample swatch of paper for you to test your own pen with every guest book order.


use a pen that doesn't smear



  • Most guest books we see don’t have lines. They either have white space or they have light background images. One affect we frequently see is a two page spread with the bride and groom placed on one side of the spread and a bright sky in the background that blends out to white. The lighter space can be used for signing as the book fills up.
  • You can put several images on a page or none. Since you have a lot of images to work with, you could put 4 small landscape images across the bottom of a two page spread. On another spread put 2 images along the left edge and 2 on the right edge, allowing signatures in the middle of the spread. Variety keeps the book interesting.
This design leaves space if the book gets full, but looks good without signatures.


Here’s a blog post that shows a signed guest book. There’s some comments that point out some of the details.Guest books sell engagement shoots!