Wedding Book Grand Slam

wedding books

Increase your profits and do your clients a favor by offering keepsakes of their special day that will last for generations.

There are only so many days in the year to book clients so take advantage of each opportunity to increase your revenue. You have four opportunities for photo book and album sales with every wedding you shoot. Present them correctly and you’ll have a happy bride and more money in the bank. The opportunities are:

  1. Guest Book
  2. Proof Book
  3. Wedding Album and Parent Albums
  4. Wedding Memory Book

Guest Book

“Guest books sell engagement sessions, and engagement sessions sell guest books.”

Guest books go hand in hand with an engagement shoot. Showing a sample guest book when booking the wedding is the easiest way to book an engagement shoot. If you already have the engagement shoot lined up then offering a guest book it is another opportunity to sell it as an add-on revenue opportunity.

Proof Books

Most SharedInk customers that supply proof books to their clients do it as part of a package and not an add-on product. Offering a printed proof book has several advantages

  • It is an extra touch that sets you apart from the competition.
  • You can paint the picture of the bride sitting on the couch with her mother viewing the photos and selecting the favorites.
  • Prints can be scanned and emailed or reprinted. Even if they don’t have the quality of prints you supply, free is very tempting.

A SharedInk proof book has the same high quality printing and goes through the same QA processes as all of our photo books. Some of the best books have a single large image on the first page with title text, then one to three pages of images you select and would like to steer your client towards. The remainder of the book is standard proof images, easily created in minutes using the Adobe Bridge Output tool.

Wedding and Parent Albums

Do your clients a huge favor and supply some type of wedding album in all your wedding packages. Depending on your clientele, you might use SharedInk 6 color books in your less expensive packages and upgraded papers and covers, or flush mount albums, in your premium packages.

A few years from now your clients will be very glad they have the album.

“90 days after the wedding is the best time to upgrade clients.”

There seems to be a trend among many photographers to offer a press printed wedding album as a standard part of the wedding package, and then offer a flush mount album as an upsell opportunity later. It seems that 90 days after the wedding is the best time to offer upgrades. Your client is into their new life routine, earning paychecks, with maybe some money in the bank from wedding gits. This is the ideal time to upgrade their albums or other photo products.

Parent albums are a great opportunity to increase your revenues with very little work. Occasionally photographers order multiple copies of the bride’s album for parents, but normally it is a smaller, less expensive version of the same book. Contact us and we can provide you with a smaller “clone” of the bride’s album. Some photographer’s swapping out cover images or other pages in the book for the different sides of the family.

Wedding Memory Book

This book tells the details of the day and is the place for all those photos that don’t make the album cut. The bride can select all the photos she wants, allowing the wedding album focus on the story of the day. It is also a great use of all those photo booth photos. Read the blog post for more info.

The Wedding Book Grand Slam

Maximize your profits by always offering these four products for all of your weddings. The increased revenue is a real grand slam!